Tweets cost

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Courtney Love recently agreed to pay $430,000 plus interest to someone she commented about on twitter and Myspace. I guess you cannot say what you want on your Twitter page or you will be punished. What she did was online attacks to a fashion designer through Tweets. They are pretty much saying she can not slander another business or organization on something that reaches the public.

I have a lot of friends who have Twitter and Facebook accounts and they tend to say any and everything that comes to mind. I see this as being very dangerous in the long run because anyone can look at what you say. They often forget that this is a public medium and not a private one. I have seen cases where people have got fired from jobs because their bosses have seen something they posted on Facebook or Twitter. Even now, people are quick to blow up a tweet from a celebrity talking about another celebrity just for entertainment or to start trouble. I personally don’t care what someone writes online because I am pretty sure they have said it while just talking to someone, so it make no difference to me. Sticks and stones may break my bones but words/names will never hurt me, well that saying gets thrown right out the window now.”>


Mogwee App

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There is a new application out called Mogwee that I just came across. This app is free but only available to iPhone users right now, but it will be available to Android users soon. It’s basically a  smart-phone communications tool that is similar to Twitter and Facebook but was made for use through the phone first. A lot of communication sites are made for computers but people just access the sites through the phones web. That’s what makes this app different. It works in real time as long as people have internet connection.

One way that I feel this app will reach its full potential is by allowing all smart-phone users iPhone, Android, Blackberry be able to communicate with each other even with a different type of phone. Word of mouth would be the only real way to get this apps started because for it to work a lot of people will have to like it and want to use it. They plan on making their money by having users buy virtual gifts such as burgers, hearts, or a zombie sheep that they can send to their friends. The app also lets users access and share restaurant and movie listings as well as other events coming later.

The new vs old cell phones in my life

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I sit back and think about how much fun high school would have been if I had the same phone that I do now. The technology in today’s phone would have easily allowed me to answer a question in class. The time in class would have flew by if I was able to use all the apps and games on my HTC EVO phone. But as I do a little more thinking about my old phone, I am glad I had my NOKIA phone  because all it allowed me to do was text. And knowing how I was back in my younger days, I would have got kicked out of class for using my phone for jokes.

This was my first phone:

Having my smart phone now allows me to video chat as well as surf the internet really fast. I also use bluetooth technology alot now which allows me to do things without looking at my phone. I kind of feel bad for teacher now because they have to deal with students with high tech phones. And technology is only getting better.

This is the phone I have now:

New age getting even better

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I came across the LG  3D phone on a site and fell in love with the idea. They say the phone can show 3D images without the glasses which is very impressive. The phones screen size is the same as the HTC EVO phone, which means its very visible. The phones name is LG Arena KM900 which includes a 5MPx camera capable of recording DVD-quality video with playback. News on additional features is still under wraps. Full details will not be available until the Mobile World Congress Trade Show. The LG Arena is set to launch in Europe in March, but the North American release has still not been determined. I think it will take several more years before they can get the 3D phone just the way they would like it. Going further into the site I also saw a phone that showed holographic image right there on the phones screen. Now think about all the movies that you have seen where people were using technology way ahead of the time the movie was released, that tech is around the corner from being available to everyone. Now you can be that oo7 agent you have wanted to be.

Cell phones are not a fad but instead a necessity.

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According to the CTIA wireless association, 250-million Americans are now subscribers to some sort of cell phone plan. That means that there are about 82% cell phone users in the US. This is a very big number but I am not surprised since cell phones having made people throw their house phones out the window because there was no more use for them. Cell phones are convenient as well as safety tool for people who are in trouble with different situations. I do not leave the house without my cell phones because it is the only way to reach me when I’m out and about. Also if I get stranded and need some assistance then I can call whomever I please to help. My generation was pretty much raised off of cell phones so it’s kind of hard to see anyone without one. No one needs to use payphones anymore or have to sit by the house phone waiting on an important call. The more people want cell phones in their life the more the price for them will go down I think. Soon everyone will have their own cell phone because they will be almost a necessity.

Google vs Bing

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When I think of emerging media, one of the issues that comes up is users being worried about protecting their information. I found it very interesting that those who let others put cookies on my computer have their own security issues. Google doesn’t like it when someone is spying on them. Microsoft doesn’t see anything wrong with what they did. (This reminds me of when Microsoft first came out with Windows and was accused of stealing the technology from Apple.)  I am more concerned that there seems to be a double standard because Bing think its alright to spy on Google but they don’t want anyone else doing it or to them. The other thing that made me think of how easy it is for tech savvy people to hack into the system. If Google cannot protect their information how are they going to protect mine. It will be interesting to see if anything happens to Bing.

TV remotes

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I have been seeing commercials on television for the app to use your iPad or iPhone as the remote control. This makes the phone even more important to the user. It is one more daily function that the phone and/or the iPad are responsible for. I do not use either device, I am an Android user. But it is an app I would waste no time getting for my phone. When I thought about this I realized there are two types of cell phone users. I am the type that uses the phone for as much as I can. If there is an app that makes things looks easier for me I want it on my phone. This is new technology for a lot of older folks who have regular (old fashion) phones. I can picture my father (who doesn’t how to work the computer) looking at an iPad or iPhone to change the channel. I’m sure he can learn, but the learning process would be funny. I can see almost every household in the near future having their TV controlled by a smart phone. It will be another way for advertisers to direct market to consumers.

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